The white paper "Régénérer" by Open Lande

The FINPACT team is pleased to have supported the production of the Open Lande - Entreprises et territoires white paper on the regenerative economy. Supporting entrepreneurs who work for the health of our planet and its inhabitants is the genesis of FINPACT. We seek to amplify our links with the economic, associative and political actors to make emerge ambitious projects of regeneration, with the height of the stakes!

Iktos announces closing of €15.5M in Series A round

Iktos raises € 15.5m Series A round to expand its artificial intelligence-based drug discovery technologies and solutions.

Iktos announces the closing of a € 15.5m Series A financing co-led by new investors M Ventures and Debiopharm Innovation Fund with participation from Omnes Capital.

This financing will enable the company to further develop its AI and drug discovery capabilities and expand its existing SaaS software offering, in addition to launching Iktos Robotics; a unique, end-to-end, drug discovery platform which combines artificial intelligence and automation of chemical synthesis to significantly accelerate drug discovery timelines. Within the financing Iktos will additionally extend the application of its solutions to biological products (peptides, antibodies, etc.). This allows Iktos to be one of the first companies to offer fully integrated drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry.

2023, a regenerative year!

The FINPACT team wishes you a regenerative year!

We wish, in 2023, to mobilize our stakeholders on the need to put the economy at the service of life ... And let's hope, of course, that projects that respect and restore ecosystems can be funded and accelerated.

Increase the size, health and resilience of natural systems!

We know that entrepreneurs are able to rethink their development or to think of new models in order to be part of a regenerative economy and thus attempt, in extremis, to guarantee acceptable living conditions for our next decades.

To illustrate this wish, this year we have chosen to support a committed Spanish artist: Elena Barón and to highlight her work: "naturaleza compromitida" which could be translated as: "Committed Nature".

On the one hand, this means that Nature is in danger, at risk, in an urgent situation. On the other hand and from a sociological point of view, it means a commitment, that a responsibility is acquired, that it participates actively in its conservation.

The work recreates an organic abstract landscape, as well as an artificial ecosystem. It could be a plant world full of life, green and golden, resplendent. However, it is created with recycled inorganic waste, lifeless matter, which is in itself a form of contradiction that should challenge us.

Happy 2022. Follow the Green Swan !

Taking into account the positive impact as a determining criterion for investments: at the creation of FINPACT, that was a vision and a necessary path to find between economic performance and the usefulness of companies.

By conviction, by intuition or under constraint, that approach has become stronger and stronger in the last few months and is now a main stream practice.

We thus need to replace the usual black Swan by a much more powerful Green one that will show us the way to a post-carbon economy, respectful of nature.

Let's continue our efforts together so that each virtuous project finds its financing and can contribute to a better world.

The FINPACT team wishes you a happy and healthy year 2022.

May this year bring health & happiness

We have the habit of presenting you our wishes “in painting” … by putting forward artists to expose their visions of the world and their intuitions on what is essential to us …
This year, the Finpact team has chosen Takuma TANAKA, a painter based in Japan, who invites us through his work “2021”, to connect with each other, to find our happiness.
We wish you a new year full of beautiful encounters that will bring your continuous happiness and good health.
In 2021, we will continue to support the financing of innovation to improve our health and our environment.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.
The Finpact team.

Happy New Year 2020

The Finpact team joins the message of the Artist Ángel Moyano Rivas who invites us in his work « Love Wild Nature » to love and perhaps also, to consider wild nature …

We present you our best wishes for this new year.

2019 _ Ángel Moyano Rivas