January 2 2023In News Finpact

The FINPACT team wishes you a regenerative year!

We wish, in 2023, to mobilize our stakeholders on the need to put the economy at the service of life … And let’s hope, of course, that projects that respect and restore ecosystems can be funded and accelerated.

Increase the size, health and resilience of natural systems!

We know that entrepreneurs are able to rethink their development or to think of new models in order to be part of a regenerative economy and thus attempt, in extremis, to guarantee acceptable living conditions for our next decades.

To illustrate this wish, this year we have chosen to support a committed Spanish artist: Elena BarĂ³n and to highlight her work: “naturaleza compromitida” which could be translated as: “Committed Nature”.

On the one hand, this means that Nature is in danger, at risk, in an urgent situation. On the other hand and from a sociological point of view, it means a commitment, that a responsibility is acquired, that it participates actively in its conservation.

The work recreates an organic abstract landscape, as well as an artificial ecosystem. It could be a plant world full of life, green and golden, resplendent. However, it is created with recycled inorganic waste, lifeless matter, which is in itself a form of contradiction that should challenge us.