GREEN IMPULSE - Fundraising

Angers, September 22, 2022 - Accompanied by Finpact, Green Impulse, the specialist in biocontrol synergies for plant protection, is closing a €5 million fundraising from the Ecotechnologies 2 Fund, managed on behalf of the French government by Bpifrance as part of France 2030, Go Capital, Pays de la Loire Développement and the participatory financing platform GwenneG. This operation aims to structure its development and R&D.

Finding sustainable solutions for plant protection.

Green Impulse, created in 2019 in Angers, develops and markets sustainable alternatives to conventional fungicides. The start-up's challenge is to actively participate in the change of an agricultural model that today must reduce its ecological impact and ensure consumer health. It offers sustainable solutions called "Biocontrol", i.e. related to plant protection, and bio-stimulation, which can be used in organic farming.

A new family of antifungals based on a unique and promising technology.

ARPIs for "Adaptative Response Pathways Inhibitors" is the name given by Green Impulse to this new family of antifungal molecules that it intends to develop for crop protection. Apple scab, downy mildew in grapes and septoria in cereals are the plant diseases targeted by this promising technology.


Nantes-based biotech company XENOTHERA, which is developing a proprietary “glyco-humanized” antibody technology platform based on dual expertise in genetics and immunology, announced today that it has completed a €20 million financing round. This new round of financing is financed by the current shareholders, including Didier Rousseau, FAMM’s President and Founder, and welcomes a number of new investors, in particular the European fund EIC Fund, the holding company Nabuboto, the French fund Anaxago Capital (Objectif Innovation 18), and the social security group Malakoff Humanis (a French company that provides financial services to the public). The capital increase will enable the Nantes-based company, which has become better known through the development of its anti-COVID-19 treatment, XAV-19, to accelerate its growth and develop its product portfolio.

In just a few years, the Nantes-based company has brought two products to the clinical stage, LIS1, an immunosuppressant for transplantation, and XAV-19, an anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody. In addition, it is developing XAB05, a preventive treatment for infections by multi-resistant bacteria, and a very promising portfolio in oncology.

TOOVALU _ Fundraising

Publisher of an innovative software solution that helps companies to manage their climate and CSR strategy, with their extra-financial indicators at all levels of the company, Toovalu opens its capital to a group of investors / entrepreneurs committed to accelerating the deployment of the solution. This fund raising will allow the company to accelerate its development, to better respond to the strong demand by intensifying R&D and by recruiting new talents.

“To offer solutions that meet the climate challenges and make the 1.5°C Trajectory possible! It will also be the opportunity to expand our offer and our impact to more companies such as Impact Observer or mission company”.

Marie GABORIT _ Managing Partner TOOVALU. April 2020.

CityTaps _ Fundraising

“We are delighted to announce that CityTaps has raised 2.2m€ from a variety of institutional and private investors to fund our #impact and #growth over the next few years. We continue to target #sdg6 and #runningwaterineveryhome in their daily work. We thank the #investors for their trust and confidence. #tech4good #water #fundraising

Gregoire LANDEL. CEO CityTaps _ Oct. 2019