September 15 2021In Deal, Serie A

Nantes-based biotech company XENOTHERA, which is developing a proprietary “glyco-humanized” antibody technology platform based on dual expertise in genetics and immunology, announced today that it has completed a €20 million financing round. This new round of financing is financed by the current shareholders, including Didier Rousseau, FAMM’s President and Founder, and welcomes a number of new investors, in particular the European fund EIC Fund, the holding company Nabuboto, the French fund Anaxago Capital (Objectif Innovation 18), and the social security group Malakoff Humanis (a French company that provides financial services to the public). The capital increase will enable the Nantes-based company, which has become better known through the development of its anti-COVID-19 treatment, XAV-19, to accelerate its growth and develop its product portfolio.

In just a few years, the Nantes-based company has brought two products to the clinical stage, LIS1, an immunosuppressant for transplantation, and XAV-19, an anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody. In addition, it is developing XAB05, a preventive treatment for infections by multi-resistant bacteria, and a very promising portfolio in oncology.