January 2 2024In News Finpact

We have chosen a Mandala by Natalia Schäfer* to present our wishes for 2024 and to illustrate our challenge of placing life and the circularity of resources at the heart of our financing missions.

Supporting projects that place impact at the heart of strategic decision-making is the approach we wish to apply in our missions to serve an ecological economy. This Mandala represents the holistic approach needed to achieve our mission and to consider impact agents in our financing operations.

Finpact team hopes that you will find as well some light in reading our wishes and wish you all the best for 2024.

*Natalia Schäfer is a German-based artist whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in the United States, England, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, the United Arab Emirates and Spain. Through her works, Schäfer strives to give her viewers a brief respite, celebrating the beauty of life.

Enlightenment (Napoli) mandala
Natalia Schäfer, Germany, 2021